Our innovative future leaders' programme puts your child on the fast track to academic and career success


What's the problem we are trying to solve? 

We have a skills gap in the UK between employers’ needs and the skills our graduates possess leading to unhappiness, stress and burnout. 

Students often lack confidence, fear failure and have narrow thinking and exposure to the world of work leaving them ill-prepared to make clear career choices or navigate transition in their lives. 

“Half of all mental health problems appear before the age of 14, with one in four enduring mental health conditions present by the age of 24” Young Minds Research 2015 


"coaching future leaders"


This 6 month coaching programme will transform the mindset of our future leaders

mindfulness course

This mindfulness course will help students to focus, be more productive and more engaged

leadership and careers


We run workshops on a variety of topics including strengths, leadership and resilience to schools and other youth organisations 

inspirational speakers

We deliver motivational talks on career development and wellbeing to schools and other youth organisations

What's the solution?

Never before has coaching and mentoring been so vital for our students to help prepare them for the ever changing world.

Our leadership programme, workshops and inspirational talks will transform young minds to be more creative, have more resilience and a greater sense of self. It will prepare them to adapt to change and help them navigate their future career choices and professional lives. 

Combining the latest advancements in the art of coaching and the science of positive psychology, our range of services will help future leaders get on the fast track to thriving in their careers. They will learn to use a growth mindset, maximise their strengths and become positive leaders.

The skills and strategies learnt on our programmes are normally only made available to top business leaders. They have been specially adapted for young leaders. 

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Bridge Over River

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain


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